Pocket full of questions

3 zines printed in full colour fanned out on a wooden table.

A collaboration of conversations, poetry and collages between Virginia Jahyu and Patricia Ki about questions that practitioners/students working in the care professions might ask ourselves —

What if instead of a toolbox full of therapeutic modalities created by assumed experts, we also carry a pocket full of questions when we meet people who are looking for support?

What if we ask ourselves questions in order to step back, take time, re-evaluate what we said and what we did?

What if we step into a relational space not with things that make us believe we know what to do, but with questions to figure out what to do together with the person/people we are in relationship?

What if the questions themselves are tools, or can help us form tools, to name our assumptions, biases, implicit standards from which we measure people based on our own experiences – to name the patterns of harm and violence we are potentially replicating?

Read the zines here.

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