Below is a list of articles and art pieces published during the time of this dissertation study. Most are open access.

Ki, Patricia with Suzanne Thomson. 2022. “Proceeding From Our Roots in the Dust: An Unfolding Ethics of Care Through the Arts.” Canadian Journal of Art Therapy 35: 95-102.

Toll, Haley and Patricia Ki. 2022. “Emergence: Interdependent Response-Ability to Unfolding Precarity.” Canadian Journal of Art Therapy 35: 45-52.

Ki, Patricia. 2022. “VOICE.” New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis 3.

Ki, Patricia. 2021. “Leak Everywhere : A Critical Disability Analysis of the Conceptualizations of Trauma.” Social Work & Policy Studies: Social Justice, Practice and Theory 4.

Ki, Patricia. 2020. ““Hap Walk”: A Reading of Living a Feminist Life by Sara Ahmed and “Docile Bodies” in Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault.” Canadian Journal of Disability Studies 9: 191–217.

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