Mapping care in this space

This project is built on the hope that campus will become a caring space for everyone. Therefore, this space itself must be grounded in a commitment to care. We can’t build care by using hurtful words and actions with each other.

While we don’t believe that there is the perfect or comprehensive set of rules for creating a respectful and supportive online community, here are a few things we can think of, and you’re welcome to message us and share your suggestions.

Sharing Stories and Commenting

When filling out the survey and making comments in the post, please be mindful that mentioning specific departments, programs, policies, processes/procedures are ok, as these specific pieces of information can be helpful for advocacy efforts. However, it is not ok to use belittling, undermining, or attacking statements about / toward any specific person or each other. 

For example:

Name the specific incident that has to do with inaccessibility: “The instructor did not take the time to listen to my explanation for my accommodations”

But please refrain from name-calling, such as: “The instructor is a horrible person for not taking the time to listen to me.” 

If any name is mentioned in the survey, it will be anonymized before the narratives are posted on IG. 

If we see blatantly racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise discriminatory and hurtful statements in the comments, we will delete them immediately and DM the commenter.

If we see statements that are potentially hurtful to other commenters but not blatantly discriminatory, we will DM the commenter to work out a more collaborative way of communication.

We appreciate everyone’s effort to keep the IG account a space that cultivates care.

Sharing photos and artwork

Please share photos of places, spaces and things, and not include people’s faces to protect everyone’s privacy.

Please share artwork and photos that are created / taken by you, and not share images created / taken by others without permission.