Pocket full of questions: A series of 3 zines


Series of 3 zines for practitioners/students working in the care professions to help us step back, take time, and question our assumptions, biases, and the patterns of harm and violence we may be replicating.

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8.5×11″ unfolded, full-colour, commercially printed on 80lb Enviro Stock (contains 30% post consumer recycled material).

100% of proceeds go to a Toronto-based harm reduction organization.

Shipping by Canada Post (regular letter mail, no tracking).


This series of zines are created from our positions as racialized practitioners in the creative arts therapies. It comes from a process of putting together words and images that are meaningful to us, in conversations, poetry and collages.

We have assumptions, biases, and lived experiences. They inform us about the other, and inform the ways we interact with one another.

What if instead of a toolbox full of therapeutic modalities created by assumed experts, we also carry a pocket full of questions when we meet people who are looking for support?

What if the questions themselves are tools, or can help us form tools, to name our assumptions, biases, implicit standards from which we measure people based on our own experiences – to name the patterns of harm and violence we are potentially replicating?

We invite you to question with us.

More info at project page.